Lee Industries

Since 1969, LEE has been committed to manufacturing earth friendly products, using sustainable processes by people who care about the environment. In the early 1980’s, LEE chose to use products that eliminated chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) in foam cushions before it was mandated. Around the same time, LEE initiated waste reduction and recycling programs in all parts of the manufacturing process. It was taking these small, simple steps that laid the groundwork for future eco-friendly manufacturing.

Since its inception, the mission of LEE Industries has been to create innovatively styled, high-quality home furnishings while adhering to a set of values that focus on their customers, the community and the environment.

LEE would not be who we are today if it weren’t for our associates. We are successful because we have caring, motivated and highly skilled craftsmen that are the best in their field. Our culture involves our commitment to the good of our customers, our associates, our vendors, our community, and our environment.

PTS Furniture

Offers the full line of Lee Industries furniture.  Not all items are in stock.  For a full listing of Lee Industries furniture available to you through PTS Furniture, please visit our showroom, or explore the Lee Industries Furniture Website, and let us know what you like…