American Leather FURNITURE

In 1990, American Leather® was founded on the revolutionary idea that custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. In the years since, American Leather has evolved from setting a precedent with quick-ship delivery to setting the standards by which all other custom furniture manufacturers are measured. We remain firmly rooted in our heritage of speed, quality, and customization, and we especially value the entrepreneurial mindset that always asks: “Why not?” We believe it’s this approach to innovation that makes us stand apart – whether applied in our factory, a sofa design, an engineering advancement, or a brainstorming meeting.

PTS Furniture

Offers the full line of American Leather  furniture.  Not all items are in stock.  For a full listing of American Leather furniture available to you through PTS Furniture, please visit our showroom, or explore the American Leather Furniture Website, and let us know what you like…

PTS Living Room Furniture - Thousand Oaks, CA