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Stuart David Furniture

Stuart David furniture is the number one source for handcrafted solid wood furniture throughout the USA! We have handcrafted our furniture since 1961. Stuart David furniture manufactures fine solid wood furniture for your home and office needs. You choose your Wood, Finish, Style and Hardware.   View a brief sample of Stuart David Home Furnishings below:  
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Stuart David's Focus is on Quality

  Stuart's Cabinet Shop Stuart David furniture began in 1961 as Stuart's Cabinet Shop owned by Stuart Neilson and his wife Lela who designed custom cabinets for local homes. Stuart's gained a reputation for beautifully crafted, extremely durable cabinets that would withstand the test of time. With a yearning to construct furniture, Stuart and Lela's son David designed an antique-type roll top desk that was taken around to nearby antique reproduction stores by a family friend in 1980.   Storefront Opened The demand for these desks, and other pieces of furniture was so great that Stuart's Fine Cabinet Shop opened a storefront on J street in downtown Modesto California. At this point the shop took on it's new name, Stuart's Fine Furniture. Soon after the J street opening, Stuart's relocated to a larger location in Modesto on Tully Avenue. Stuart's Fine Furniture soon became a hot item, and the retail responsibilities of the store began to over run the process of making the furniture.   Focus on the Furniture In an attempt to focus on making the furniture, Stuart's sold it's store to a company called Marlyn's. Stuart's son David has taken over the company in recent years and it continues to grow. Stuart David Home Furnishings distributes its furniture throughout the United States. It's product may be purchased in a fine furniture store near you.