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Hickory Chair Furniture

pts_hickory-chair Hickory Chair furniture began almost a hundred years ago in Hickory, North Carolina with a single product and a simple vision. The product was a made-to-order dining chair. The vision was to combine the authenticity of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency of modern manufacturing. In the decades since, Hickory Chair furniture's product range has evolved into an assortment of timeless designs, drawn from significant periods and places, and from the talents of some of the world’s most respected designers.   View a brief sample of Hickory Chair furnishings below:  
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Hickory Chair is Quality Craftsmanship

Atrisanal Upholstery Hickory Chair furniture craftsmen take great pride in accommodating a wide range of requests to enhance and personalize our upholstery designs. They also spend hours on details that few will ever see: custom-engineering each seat to ensure it provides years of consistent, luxurious comfort. From pillow and cushion options to nail head trim, swivel bases to bullion fringes, Hickory Chair furniture dosen't just allow customers to personalize our timeless upholstery, we encourage it.   Classic, Custom Woodworking Hickory Chair Furniture Co.’s high-quality casegoods still begin as they did decades ago: with thoughtfully harvested and carefully milled wood from around the world. These fine materials are then sanded, shaped and assembled in our workshops, where traditional techniques are applied alongside today’s leading technology. Multi-layer finishes are created by hand, for example, while veneers are precision-cut using state-of-the-art lasers. The result is fine wood furniture that reflects the hand of a craftsperson, the quality standards of an industry leader, and the personal vision of each and every customer.   Environmental Responsability A great deal has changed during Hickory Chair furniture's first one hundred years. But like our handcrafted quality and timeless style, Hickory Chair furniture's commitment to responsible business practices has not wavered over the last century. In fact, we continue to develop new ways to empower consumers and employees, while minimizing our long-term impact on the environment.   “We take the long view when it comes to things like product quality and the environment,” said company President, Jay Reardon. “Our processes are responsible and personal. And our furniture is timeless instead of disposable. That’s what our company’s first hundred years has taught us. Basically that the essence of true sustainability is style and quality that lasts.”