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Alder & Tweed

We Believe in Sophisticated Design with Fresh, Modern Style 

Alder & Tweed Furniture’ curated designs make high-end style available to everyone. We pay attention to the latest trends and every last detail, because success is in the details. Alder & Tweed furnishings look the part and play the part—we select high quality materials to create impressive yet affordable products, that last!

We’re a Family Business Born From a Family Lifestyle
We are more than a business we are a lifestyle! The Alder and Tweed family has a passion for design and the vision to create beautiful yet affordable furnishings….We believe designing furniture is an art and has the ability to enliven spaces and enrich our lives. Alder and a Tweed is more than a product, we are a fresh and sophisticated brand for today’s lifestyle.

PTS Furniture

PTS Furniture offers the full line of Alder and Tweed Furniture.  Not all items are in stock.  For a full listing of Alder and Tweed Furniture available to you through PTS Furniture, please visit our showroom, or explore the Alder and Tweed Furniture Website, and let us know what you like…