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In the thirty years we’ve been in Thousand Oaks our store has never been open without one of the owners being on the premises, and our phone has never been answered by a non-person. Want to change a delivery or discuss a problem?– we will do our best to give you a personal response. Old timers in the area still refer to us as "The Pool Table Store," although we changed our name years ago. We started in a tiny store on Thousand Oaks Blvd., selling only pool tables. Now we are known as a group of specialty stores under one roof. Our selection of game tables, bar stools, casual and formal dining, quality office furniture and leather is second to none! This web site only begins to show you the breadth of the choices we offer. A single television console, for example, might be offered in four styles, several species of wood, twenty or thirty finishes, and a half dozen sizes. We hope you'll come in to see us, and give a chance to show you why PTS is a truly unique store.

30 years Medallion