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Furniture Showrooms


Countless Brand Showcases

Our meticulously arranged furnishings vignettes allow the eye to explore, envision and facilitate the creative design process. Showrooms totaling over 35,000 sq.ft. offer a unique opportunity to explore residential and office settings. Our countless vignettes feature every room in the home or office in realistic arrangements. A investment in fine furnishings merits more exploration than a Web photo or catalog.

Premier Quality


The Finest Available

Fine furniture design and craftsmanship matters at PTS. We are highly discriminate in our selection of manufacturers and mills. Predominately American made, we look to brands and furnishings featuring the finest wood species and finishing, meticulously sewn upholstery, hand finished leathers and superb design style. See a vast collection of the finest furniture available today at PTS Furniture Showroom.

Inspired Design


Beauty, Form & Function

Color. Texture. Material... Inspired design is about creating environmental relationships. The pieces, upholstery, natural wood finishes, paint colors and arrangement all lead to a relationship. Craft your own highly personal design solution with the finest furniture and accessories available at PTS' showroom. Visit our showroom and allow your experience to unfold in a provocative design solution.